Queensferry Folk Music

Guitar and violin

Monthly sessions

Each month we hold an informal session in the Priory Church or the Stag Head pub.

We’ll be at the Stag Head on Sunday 16th April , 6 till 8

We welcome anyone to come and play, sing or listen.

If you’d like to learn some of the songs we’ll be playing you can download them here.

There’s also a set of tunes in sheet music form.

And in this Dropbox folder, a new set of tunes from Kirstie Mclanaghan: Digger Tunes

Queensferry Folk Festival 2022

The Folk Festival returned to Queensferry on 17th September 2022.

It was a great success with the Priory Church packed. We’ll add photos and videos as we get them.

We’d like to thank

  • our sponsors – A9 Partnership and Cala Homes
  • the Priory Church for the use of their beautiful building
  • Ferry Brewery for the bar
  • Ferry Tasty for staying open late to give us a special selection of snacks
  • our artists – The Paddy Buchanan Band and Coaltown Daisies (Ella Munro was forced to pull out because of illness.)
  • everyone who stayed for the excellent session at the end.

The Coaltown Daisies

The Paddy Buchanan Band

Our sponsors

We’d like to thank our sponsors, whose generosity has made this event possible – Cala Homes and The A9 Partnership

From previous festivals …